About Outright Bail Bonds

With qualified bondsmen and many years’ experience, Outright Bail Bonds offers quality service and great prices. Our bondsmen can assist you with a quick release from jail. We explain the bonding process and answer any questions.

Outright Bail Bonds is located in Boerne, Texas.

We are attorneys who are very knowledgeable about getting a person released from jail, and how the bail bond process works. Our staff has been in the bail bond business for many years. Our personnel are dedicated to helping clients and are always ready to assist people with understanding the bail bond process. We walk our clients through the entire bail bond process so they understand fully what is going to happen each step of the way.


Co-Signer & Defendant should bring the following items to Outright Bail Bonds for bond approval:

  1. Recent utility statement (within 45 days)
  2. Proof of Employment (within 30 days)
  3. Texas Drivers License or Valid State ID
  4. Provide proof of citizenship

Defendants need a co-signer to post the bond on their behalf.

Co-signers are responsible for getting the defendant to each court date on time.

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We understand that this can be an emotional and confusing time for you as well as the incarcerated person, and will help guide you through every step of the process. We make bail easy! We don’t mess around when it comes to getting your loved one home safe from jail.

It is of the utmost importance that you get the defendant released so that you and your legal team can determine your legal options and start working on the details of the defense. We strive for the quickest release times.

  1. The Arrest
    • When someone is arrested in the state of Texas, they are taken to jail for booking and holding. Once they are booked they will be held in jail until the time of their trial. Some trials can take months to be completed.
  2. Bail
    • Bail is money that is traded for release of the accused until the completion of the trial. The defendant or payee of the bail will receive a refund after the completion of their trial. The bail amount is based on the crime that the individual has been accused of committing. Similar crimes receive similar bail amounts across Texas, regardless of which county the crime was committed in.
  3. Post Bail
    • For providing pre-trial release, Bail Bondmen charge a premium – a percentage of the total bail amount.
  4. Trial
    • Bail may be several thousand dollars, and many defendants cannot pay their bail bond amount on their own.  If you cannot pay the bond amount you stay in jail or use Bail Bondsmen for paying bail and being released until your trial date.  We will help you stay out of jail and are willing to work with you every step of the way to allow you to continue your life while preparing for your day in court.

We post bail for robbery, assault, DUI’s, possession of narcotics, and almost any other crime possible.  Call us to ensure that you or your loved one stays safe and out of jail.

If you or someone you know requires an experienced, professional, fast, reliable, full-service, bail bonding company, call Outright Bail bonds


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